Fleye – autonomous robot-drone of individual use

According to Belgian developers, the autonomous unmanned robot Fleye created by them is the safest drone. In appearance, he resembles a soccer ball and this is by no means an accident. Such a form minimizes the damage in the event of a possible fall. The “brain” of the UAV is presented onboard the dual-core computer on the […]

Concept car from Nissan for the Selfie generation

On the eve of the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held in late October, the Japanese automaker Nissan announced a new concept car called Teatro for Dayz. It is designed for young people or for the so-called “generation of Selfie”. In the concept of a stylish roomy city electric car, Nissan focused on information technology, […]

Truck with autopilot for the first time left for Autobahn

The company Daimler Trucks continues development in the field of autonomous land transport. By installing the autopilot system on the Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor and releasing the car to an autobahn near Stuttgart, the company was the first in the world to test this technique on public roads. The new version of the autonomous control system was […]

Yacht SeaXplorer will not stop even the ice

While most of us are unlikely to encounter this problem, suppose that someone from the world of super-wealthy people can get bored of cruising the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. And to get to the most remote and less populated places, you need a special yacht. Just such as SeaXplorer. The icebreaker yacht SeaXplorer is already under construction […]

Company Lexus has presented the cardboard car capable to go

Unusual application of cardboard is unlikely to surprise anyone. It makes furniture and even helmets of virtual reality . However, Lexus succeeded in distinguishing itself once again – the company created a full-sized cardboard car that can move independently. The Origami Car is an exact copy of the Lexus IS sedan. The project, of course, is an advertising trick. Nevertheless, the […]

NASA tests a heat-shielding fabric screen for a Martian ship

As the complexity of future interplanetary missions increases the size and weight of spacecraft. Consequently, the dimensions of their heat shields become larger, without which descent to the surface of other planets with an atmosphere is impossible. However, the creators of space vehicles understand that it is extremely difficult to increase screens infinitely technically. Currently, the research […]