Is the office too cold or too hot? Science rushes to the rescue

In many offices between its inhabitants there are undeclared “wars” for the right to own a thermostat, which is connected with a different understanding of such concepts as “warmth” or “cold.” Currently, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is experimenting with testing all possible technologies that improve comfort in office premises while reducing energy costs. For […]

Makafi warns: 90% of Americans can become victims of electromagnetic weapons

The well-known McAfee antivirus software maker, John McAfee, recently announced himself in an off-the-record role as a candidate for the US presidency. However, instead of the usual militaristic rhetoric, typical for pre-election speeches of candidates for the highest state post, where international terrorists and VV Putin mainly appear, Makafi talks about another threat. In the opinion […]

In Russia, the engine for the future aerospace airplane

A promising development was presented in the framework of the traditional annual technical innovation show of the Russian Army. A team of military engineers of the Academy of Missile Forces developed a combined engine of a combat aircraft, which, perhaps, in the future will have to carry out a set of military and civilian tasks. It […]

Mysterious anomaly under the African continent weakens the Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetosphere does not just endow our planet with northern and southern magnetic poles. It also protects us from solar wind and cosmic radiation. However, this invisible force is rapidly weakening. And so much so that scientists even begin to say that after some time the magnetic field can turn over, and the poles of the planet […]