IKEA creates a food of the future from worms, beetles and algae

The department called Space10 in the company Ikea is developing unusual, but objectively useful business models for the future. For example, the nutritional problem of an ever growing population of the planet – Ikea decided that in order to maintain the standard of living, it is necessary to train people today to consume unpopular but useful […]

In Italy, created a high-speed mini-yacht for 150,000 dollars

Speed ​​mini-yacht, designed by designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, was first introduced in 2013 and attracted a lot of attention. Three years later, Lazzarini Design created the final version, which will soon go on sale. The mini-yacht looks like a capsule. At one time it was conceived as a personal vessel or a water taxi. Its body with large photochromic […]

The world’s first fully robotic farm will open in 2017

Japanese company Spread is building a salad farm, only robots and computers will work on. The project is scheduled for launch in 2017. A fully automated process will make the salad cheaper, and the process of its cultivation is more environmentally friendly. Now no one is surprised by farms, where computers automatically control temperature, humidity, light and […]