SolarCity introduced the most efficient solar panels

The company SolarCity was created in 2006 by cousins ​​of the famous entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors and Space X – Ilona Mask. Knowing his outstanding business qualities well, they also entrusted him with the leadership of his company. During this time, SolarCity has become the largest US manufacturer of solar panels. Its customers are private homeowners, businesses, […]

Facebook is going to provide Africa with satellite internet

Until now, the main tool to promote the IT-technologies of the Internet giant was the project. However, in all likelihood, its scope turned out to be tight for the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Henceforth, Facebook is going to master space to more actively carry the Internet to the masses on Earth. The main goal of […]

China is developing a reusable military spaceplane

China is developing a reusable spacecraft designed to perform a variety of tasks, including military ones – attacks by foreign space vehicles, space stations and even the interception of ballistic missiles. In addition, a reusable spaceplane can be used to transport people and cargo into orbit. At the same time, its launch and landing can be carried […]