Nectome will kill you so you can live forever

Nectome is a start-up originally from the Silicon Valley, funded by the Y Combinator venture fund, known as a business incubator for small companies working in the field of information technology. The goal of the startup is to save the person’s body or brain indefinitely with the help of cryogenic technologies until the technologies of its […]

Before useless fish scales help to heal open wounds

Until now, people have not thought about how to use fish scales. However, according to scientists of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), scales can provide considerable help in the treatment of various wounds. As samples, the researchers used collagen extracted from the scales of sea bass, snakehead and tilapia, which are bred in the Singapore fish nursery. After […]

Switzerland is developing a national system for managing drones

Recently, more and more drones are appearing in the sky of Switzerland, which indicates its technical progress in this direction. In this regard, the process of creating a unified control system for unmanned aerial vehicles is quite natural. It will track the UAV and compile a roster of operators so that the airspace of the country is […]

The largest manufacturer of devices-miners opened a service center in Russia

Bitmain, one of the largest producers of crypto currency and the leading manufacturer of equipment for mining , reports that an official service center has been opened in Russia, which can be contacted for repair of ASIC devices. This undoubtedly joyful event should make life easier for everyone who uses the miners that Bitmain produces, because earlier in […]