Concept car from Nissan for the Selfie generation

Teatro for Dayz

On the eve of the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held in late October, the Japanese automaker Nissan announced a new concept car called Teatro for Dayz. It is designed for young people or for the so-called “generation of Selfie”.

In the concept of a stylish roomy city electric car, Nissan focused on information technology, making the interior of the car truly intelligent. The front console, the door trim and even the car’s swivel chairs – this is a large touch screen, the image on which the user can change at will.

Teatro for Dayz

On the main front console in addition to useful information about the state of the car, for example, the level of battery charge, will be displayed navigation and various social applications and services. Inside you will not find a single button. The control is carried out both through touch screens, and with the help of voice commands. By the way, outside the car, too, there are small built-in screens.

Nissan is confident that such a car can be used not just to move from one point to another, but also to communicate and share experiences with friends. Of course, such a concept car is unlikely to appear on the roads in the next couple of years, but still it has a chance of existence in our century of high technology.

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