Fleye – autonomous robot-drone of individual use

Fleye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

According to Belgian developers, the autonomous unmanned robot Fleye created by them is the safest drone. In appearance, he resembles a soccer ball and this is by no means an accident. Such a form minimizes the damage in the event of a possible fall.

The “brain” of the UAV is presented onboard the dual-core computer on the Linux operating system with the ready-made SDK and API, which turns it into an autonomous flying platform open to developers of software and hardware.


To get on the wing of Fleye will help the launched project on Kickstarter. Potential buyers are likely to be interested in very decent characteristics of a digital camera with a resolution of 1080 pixels, shooting speed – 30 frames per second. Flight time is limited to 10 minutes.

Fleye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unlike most flying drones with several engines, the Fleye has only one with four steerable blades, placed in a ring-shielded fairing. Such design guarantees safety during operation.

Fleye works in conjunction with applications for iOS or Android. It is equipped with a solid set of sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, GPS, echo sounder and magnetometer.

Fleye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

It can be controlled via Wi-Fi using its own JSON-based API. Nevertheless, with all the dignity of the drones, developers warn about the possibility of hacking his software.

At the moment, all preferential copies are bought out. The estimated price of the standard version can be 875 dollars. The beginning of supplies is expected in September 2016.

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