Yacht SeaXplorer will not stop even the ice


While most of us are unlikely to encounter this problem, suppose that someone from the world of super-wealthy people can get bored of cruising the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. And to get to the most remote and less populated places, you need a special yacht. Just such as SeaXplorer.

The icebreaker yacht SeaXplorer is already under construction at the Dutch shipyard Damen. The yacht-building company Amels together with the organizer of extreme trips EYOS and Azure Yacht Design are engaged in development of an unusual vessel.


Buyers will be asked to choose from three possible sizes of the yacht: 65, 90 or 100 meters. The largest of them will take on board up to 30 guests and 50 crew members.

All three models will be built on the basis of the already produced yacht Sea Ax. After the appropriate “icebreaking” modifications, the ship will be able to move through ice barriers up to a thickness of 90 cm.

SeaXplorerThe yacht model is being tested

Due to the fact that the ship is intended for visiting relatively uncivilized places, it will be completely autonomous for up to 40 days. Among other things, the yacht is equipped with a helicopter pad, lifeboats, hydrocycles. The most luxurious equipment will receive an elevator, a swimming pool, a sauna, a dining room, a first-aid post, a gym and even an Internet cafe.


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