# video | Stephen Hawking talked about what happened before the Big Bang

The question of what happened before the Big Bang , in many respects echoes the question: what was before – a chicken or an egg? And after all, really, how did it all start? What was up to this point? And was there at all? Answer to this question was tried by the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. It happened during an interview that Hawking was given by another famous scientist – astrophysicist Neil Degrass Tyson. We suggest you watch this small video and find out what Hawking thinks about all this.

The interview with Hawking was part of the StarTalk television show, hosted by Neil Degrass Tyson. Scientists are old friends, therefore it was not difficult to arrange an appointment for them. Tyson asked a colleague a question that does not bother many scientists, and just people who are not indifferent to science: what was it before the Big Bang ? Stephen Hawking responded rather laconically and tried to explain his point of view in clear language.

“Before the Big Bang nothing existed. According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, space and time form a spatio-temporal continuum, which is curved under the influence of matter and energy. I’m closer to Euclidean approach to quantum gravity, which describes the origin of the universe. According to this approach, we must replace the usual time with the imaginary, which is the fourth dimension of space. According to Euclid, the history of the universe existing at imaginary time is a four-dimensional curved surface, similar to the surface of the Earth, but with two additional dimensions. “

Stephen Hawking and American physicist James Hartle came to the conclusion that the “boundary condition of the universe” is that it simply has no boundaries. In other words, the Euclidean approach represents space and time as a kind of closed surface that has no end. The beginning of the existence of the universe Hawking compared with the South Pole of the Earth. “There is nothing south of the South Pole. In the same way, nothing existed until the moment of the Big Bang, “the physicist summed up his answer.

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