IKEA creates a food of the future from worms, beetles and algae

Food from IKEA

The department called Space10 in the company Ikea is developing unusual, but objectively useful business models for the future. For example, the nutritional problem of an ever growing population of the planet – Ikea decided that in order to maintain the standard of living, it is necessary to train people today to consume unpopular but useful food. And even prepared the start menu: worms, algae and hydroponic greens.

A green roll in the dish “Dogless Hotdog” is made from a test based on algae spirulina. They have 50 times more iron than spinach, plus an extra-high level of beta-carotene. On the filling went boiled beets, cucumbers, carrots, berry ketchup and seasoning from herbs – if we talk about pure numbers, then there is more protein than in the classic hot dog, but not a gram of real meat.

Food from IKEA

The Bug Burger series is built on sandwiches, in which the cutlet is 20-100% made of crushed flour worms – it’s pure protein. It can be mixed with parsnip, nuts and corn, add mashed potatoes from beets, sweet potatoes or other root crops to get different kinds of cutlets, both in content, taste and appearance. As a garnish salad and herbs, grown on hydroponics, so they have very little sugar.

It’s not a fact that at least some of these dishes will be served in real Ikea restaurants, but they can become the basis for future business projects. After all, growing 1 kg of larvae in a box in the basement is much easier than a chicken or a fish of the same weight on an ordinary farm.

Food from IKEA

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