The world’s first fully robotic farm will open in 2017

Salad farm

Japanese company Spread is building a salad farm, only robots and computers will work on. The project is scheduled for launch in 2017. A fully automated process will make the salad cheaper, and the process of its cultivation is more environmentally friendly.

Now no one is surprised by farms, where computers automatically control temperature, humidity, light and CO2 content in the air. In its new project, Spread hopes to finally automate the process with the help of robots – they will do everything from sowing seeds to harvesting.

Spread already owns several automated farms and has managed to assess the advantages of technology. After all, on automatic farms, plants can be grown hydroponically, without spending soil resources. Up to 98% of water can be used after recycling. The plantation does not need to be treated with pesticides, because all insect pests remain outside the walls. And artificial lighting will not allow to depend on weather conditions.

Currently, the company is already using robots for seeding. However, to assess whether the seedlings have grown, still a man. But, apparently, in a couple of years, employees of Spread will have to change their qualifications.

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