Mail of Japan will test an unmanned vehicle for delivery of correspondence

Kyodo News Agency reports that the state postal service of Japan intends to test the quality of unmanned vehicles, using one of them to transport correspondence from one post office to another.

“This is quite possible under modern vehicles, equipped with an autopilot function. In addition, the delivery of newspapers will help once again to test such cars in urban conditions, “representatives of the organization are sure.

A few days ago, an unmanned vehicle, decorated with a logo and painted in corporate colors in Japan’s mail, was already presented in Tokyo. The solemn demonstration was simultaneously an announcement of testing, during which the machine loaded with correspondence would have to travel about two kilometers from the Post Office of Japan to another office located in the neighboring area. Along the way, the car will make one stop. Time and place testing the administration of the mail does not disclose, but company representatives do not rule out that in the future they will use unmanned cars to deliver correspondence and parcels everywhere.

Japanese companies are actively exploring the possibility of using unmanned vehicle driving technology. Earlier it became known that the Japanese authorities intend to put unmanned taxis on the streets by the summer Olympics in 2020.

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