Mask introduced the concept of high-speed underground electric bus

The head and founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Ilon Mask, shared on his page in Twitter a concept for an underground high-speed electric bus, which is being developed by his new venture The Boring Company. Unlike the underground high-speed tunnel system, which the Boring Company is currently digging under Los Angeles and will soon start under Washington, this development is primarily aimed at pedestrians and cyclists, not cars.

“The system will be able to transport cars, but only when all the needs of public transport are covered. It is a question of respect and justice. In the first place, one should think about those who can not afford a car, “he wrote in a microblog.

Mask also shared some technical details of the concept. So, it is assumed that the underground electric bus can develop a speed of up to 240 kilometers per hour. In this case, the traffic system will be multi-level and use elevator systems to move between these levels.

The head of The Boring Company explained that thousands of small stations with the size of about one parking space will be created to implement the project. This will be the main difference of the new transport from the metro, which requires the construction of large stations, but in a smaller amount.

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