SolarCity introduced the most efficient solar panels

SolarCity Solar Panels

The company SolarCity was created in 2006 by cousins ​​of the famous entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors and Space X – Ilona Mask. Knowing his outstanding business qualities well, they also entrusted him with the leadership of his company.

During this time, SolarCity has become the largest US manufacturer of solar panels. Its customers are private homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profit and government organizations that have preferred pure solar energy, which is much cheaper than the ones that generate power plants by burning hydrocarbons.

Elon Mask and his brothers

Representatives of the company said that their new solar panels are the most effective in the world. So on an area of ​​0.093 square meters. m (1 sq. ft.), they produce more energy than the analogues in the world. Currently, their efficiency is 22.5% – the highest rate for today among the models on the market.

This became possible after SolarCity acquired from Sivelo a new technology for the production of solar cells. The new configuration of the solar panel reduces the loss of efficiency to 0.5%, while the nearest competitors of SolarCity, these indicators reach from 1.5 to 2.5%.

Assembling solar panels

Solar modules will be assembled in Buffalo, New York. It is expected that the daily productivity of the enterprise will be from 9000 to 10,000 solar panels. Thanks to new technologies, the cost of panels can be reduced to 55 cents per watt of nominal power.

Installation of solar panels

Unique panels assembled in the SolarCity shops will produce 30-40% more energy than comparable competitors’ batteries. In the ambitious plans of the brothers – to reach the generated capacity of 1 GW. Next to the plant for the production of panels, they intend to create a solar farm that will provide residents of Buffalo with clean energy.

Sunny Village

To become a SolarCity customer, it’s enough to contact the company representatives who will take care of all the necessary calculations and design of solar panels. And then something improbable begins. Installers install and connect equipment, and for all this the client does not pay a cent.

Pay it will be later on monthly and exclusively for the electricity generated by its solar panels. In such an unusual way, SolarCity and its creators are attaching their fellow citizens to the use of solar energy.

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