The largest manufacturer of devices-miners opened a service center in Russia

Bitmain, one of the largest producers of crypto currency and the leading manufacturer of equipment for mining , reports that an official service center has been opened in Russia, which can be contacted for repair of ASIC devices. This undoubtedly joyful event should make life easier for everyone who uses the miners that Bitmain produces, because earlier in order to repair an already expensive device, it was necessary to spoil your nerves.

The absence of a Russian service center forced the owners of defective ASICs to carry them to the handicraftsmen, to try to fix everything on their own or to send back an expensive miner for several thousand dollars back to China, completely paying for all the costs of the shipment. In addition, with transportation of these devices across the border, everything is very difficult, so the manufacturer decided to carry out maintenance in Russia.

Now the qualified repair of ASICs can be carried out in Irkutsk, and if the device has completely become unusable, but the case falls under the guarantee, there it is possible to replace the damaged equipment with a new one.

If you are having problems with Bitmain hardware, you first need to contact technical support via the form on the official site. After the specialists answer and find out all the nuances, you can start sending the miner.

Service Address:

Recipient : Bitmain;

Name : Maksim Aleksandrovich Baborin;

Address: postal code 664043 Irkutsk, ul. Rakitnaya 12, office 103;

Phone (Only for logistics, not service) : +79648188805

The company advises not to forget to issue a repair coupon. Read about its designcan be on the manufacturer’s website.
To repair the models of S9, T9, T9 + and R4 models, bought after October 1, 2016, it is recommended to send the whole.
If the owner has unresolved issues, they will be answered by employees through the feedback form on the site.

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